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Shaoxing Keqiao Gaoce Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Shaoxing Keqiao, Zhejiang Province, which has been established for more than ten years. Committed to fast fashion fabric testing, design and development, replication and innovative production one-stop! Our main products are knitted fabrics:JerseyTerry, Rib, Hacci, Roma, Jacquard, Scuba, Interlock, Dty, Terry Fleece, Polar Fleece, Fake Linen, Ity, Denim and other knitted fabrics. There will also be some popular woven fabrics, embroidery and jacquard, etc., as well as some special processing after the process, widely suitable for men and women fashion suits, sports,yoga, outdoor functional and home wear pajamas, goddess evening gowns. In addition to domestic brand customers, but also exported to Europe, America, Asia and other parts of the world... Products can supply 100 tons per day, and we have offices in the UK and Bangladesh! Our excellent quality and professional level, providing customers with high-quality and honest service, To customer satisfaction! Sincerely look forward to cooperation.

1. quality commitment
2. fast delivery
3. professional analysis, testing, development
4. Complete certificates
Daily production scale: there are 500 employees, 200 round machines, the establishment of foreign branches, there are 5 companies under the family business alliance, and there are cooperation with Bangladesh garment companies

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Jenny. 86-13515853913
2nd floor, fuxing textile building,qianqing town,keqiao,shaoxing city,zhejiang province, china
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